Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 5: Cedar Falls to Independence- Training Day

Today felt more like a training ride through the Jefferson county countryside than a leg of RAGBRAI. I got out a little bit before 6am and completed my 63 mile ride by about 9:15am. There were not a lot of other riders on the road and many of the pass through towns seemed surprised to see cyclists so early. I felt real good today, with no real problems. Saddle is getting a little sore but that shouldn't be a real problem with two relatively short days left. 360 miles down, 120 to go. I am looking forward to Dyersville tomorrow as I have never seen the Field of Dreams.

The top picture is of me starting my ride to Independence at sunrise. Jack, can you tell I am wearing my Wisconsin Badger cycling jersey? The other picture is of the red hat ladies that I met as I was riding into Independence. Our mom's are red hat ladies, so we thought they would enjoy the picture.

Not much else to report from the road. Did a little laundry today and otherwise just resting and catching up on email. I'll have a longer report for your tomorrow, the eve our our final ride.

I would like to thank Sam for his comments and let him know that I did indeed thank Dallas Clark for beating the Bears in the super bowl! Keep those comments coming.

Best food of the day: Pancakes, eggs and bacon at the R&R Cafe in Independence.

See you down the road.

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Doug Albregts said...


All looks good with two days to go. I didn't know that you got the chance to check out Blues Traveler...they are a great band! It's been fun to watch the map and chart the progress -- much of Iowa I will never see in my life...I can assure you of that. Say "Hi" to John E. for Don Martiny when you see him again.