Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 3: Humboldt to Hampton- Where's Lance?

Whenever we ride in groups with our Team LIVESTRONG jerseys on we constantly get people along the route asking us "where's Lance?" For some reason, with my helmet and sunglasses on people mistake me for Lance. On Sunday a guy asked me for an autograph. Today, a guy came up to me and thanked me for everything I do with my foundation. Unfortunately, I don't have one. Needless to say, my riding partners get a big kick out of this and now whenever anyone asks "where's Lance?", they just point to me.

The lower picture is of two of my teammates. In the middle is Joe Schneider, a 13 year cancer survivor and a fellow top fundraiser. On the left is John Tuite, another fellow top fundraiser who came all the way from Ireland to ride across Iowa. The other picture is of the Eagle Grove cheerleaders who were hawking breakfast burritos. I promised them a picture on my blog, so here it is girls.

The ride today was good considering how bad I felt when I woke up. Tomorrow we cross the halfway point and it is all downhill from there. Looking forward to being in a real city tomorrow night as rural Iowa is just that, rural.

Best food of the day: A pancake and sausage on a stick.

Thanks to Doug for the comment!

See you down the road



Doug Albregts said...

Uncle Pat ...we are reading Harry Potter's last book and hoping that you win the race across Iowa. If a Badger wins the race, that means we are better than Iowa. Good luck. Oh yeah, we hope your ride cures cancer.

Love, Jack

Doug Albregts said...

Uncle Pat,

When you ride across China, then you will really be tired.

Love, Mae

(note: Mae actually said Hi Daddy...and some other stuff we didn't understand...above is the translation)

Doug Albregts said...

Riley has fallen asleep...we have no comments from Riley until tomorrow...nonetheless, keep on truckin' Uncle Pat.

ryan albregts said...


congrats on everything so far. but if you see dallas again, try and snag his ring, that'd be a great addition to the basement. and you might notice the time i'm writing this. yes i'm at work. but i figured since i'm on the boss's blog i'm technically doing work. good luck

the only son to write on your blog, so remember that when christmas rolls around...aka...ryan

Annette said...


Sounds like you are getting a good taste of Iowa and what RAGBRAI is really all about. It is one of the greastest experiences of my life and amazing that with all the training you do you are not really prepared for what it is like. Glad that Dexter could be the top fundraising organization and help fight the terrible disease that has touched so many of us. Keep pedaling and the week will be over before you know it. There will be a bittersweet feeling when you see the Mississippi. Maybe by next week I can try the exercise bike !